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Agricultural lifestyle, pottery, art, aikido…
Experience the “handmade lifestyle”nurtured in Kasama’s
abundant nature and culture!

Kasama, known as the “town of pottery,” is also a “town of diversity” inhabited by people of various walks of life.

Kasama City, geographically located in the heart of Ibaraki Prefecture, prospered as the town of pottery and Kasama Inari Shrine. Kasama ware is characterized by liberal pottery approaches, which attracted young potters from across Japan and contributed to the formation of diverse and unique culture. The abundant nature blessed with idyllic village landscape is home to various harvests and nurtures rich food culture featuring soba noodle, sake, and so on. “Interactive experiences” are also characterized by diversity, as the lineup offers a variety of activities including farming, pottery, craftwork, temples and shrines, aikido, and interaction with nature. Come and enjoy interaction with people in the plentiful nature!
Kasama City, Ibaraki, located in the heart of Ibaraki Prefecture, is about 100 km (approx. 1.5 hours by car) from the central Tokyo. The city is known as the “town of pottery and art”,” “town of Kasama Inari Shrine,” “town of aikido,” “biggest producer of chestnuts in Japan,” and “town of Ishikiri Sanmyaku (quarry mountains).” Recently, it has increasingly been known as the “town of skateboarding.”

Educational Tours

A wide variety of experiences unique to Kasama!

Aikido workshop
café experience
tea ceremony & kimono wearing workshop
bakery workshop
tofu store workshop
 sutra copying workshop

Registered Homes

Farmer, potter, stores (tofu store, bakery, brewery, etc.), shrines and temples, others (mason, carpenter, tea master, painter, musician, etc.)

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Experience Kasama

Kasama is a treasure trove of funs!!!

The city offers experiences like noodle-making workshop, pottery workshop, fruit harvesting, golf, glassmaking, town walk in kimono, Ishikiri Sanmyaku (quarry mountains) premium tour, aikido, skateboarding, bouldering, camp, BBQ, and many more.

taiken27_20220719141821657.jpg toroku13.jpg 教育旅行|笠間ふれあい体験 教育旅行|笠間ふれあい体験 教育旅行|笠間ふれあい体験 toroku9.jpg 教育旅行|笠間ふれあい体験 教育旅行|笠間ふれあい体験 教育旅行|笠間ふれあい体験 教育旅行|笠間ふれあい体験 toroku12.jpg toroku11.jpg toroku10.jpg

Lodging in Kasama

Stay + Experience Lifestyle = Lodging in Kasama

Guesthouses in Kasama offer various experiences in addition to lodging.
Harvest vegetables and cook them with the host, or walk around the village forest. You can also just sit in the terrace and enjoy the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing. In a potter’s atelier, you can experience pottery. Other guesthouses offer other experiences, like BBQ and pizza baking in the garden. Each guesthouse entertains guests with experiences unique to it.
*Types of experiences vary depending on the guesthouses and seasons. Please directly contact the guesthouses for more detail.

Mori-no-naka-no Retreat

(Retreat in the Woods)

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Wi-Fi/Meals are Included


(Country Home)

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Second Home

Information available in English and Chinese/Wi-Fi

Kominka (Old Folk House)
Kurosawa Einojo

Information available in English and Mandarin Chinese/
Wi-Fi/Meals are Included

Yamazato-no (Village Forest) Atelier House Mutakko

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Kominka (Old Folk House) Guesthouse Piano

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Mone-no-ie (House of Monet)

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Auberge de Y

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Monzen House

a guesthouse to meet people, the town, and life

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Kasama Fureai Taiken Ryoko Suishin Kyogikai (Kasama Interactive Experience Tour Promotion Association) was founded in April 2018 by local groups and individuals involved in tourism and agriculture. Today’s focus of tourism has been shifting from “sightseeing of historical and tourist spots” to “experiences only available in the destination.” Furthermore, children’s “hands-on learning” experiences in farming and fishing villages have proven to be very effective and are strongly recommended at a national level. Kasama, popular not only for pottery and farming experiences but also for shrines and temples, as well as cafés, has a great potential as an “experience” destination for adults and children alike. The association was founded to optimize these strengths as tools to increase visitors and vitalize the community.

Kasama Fureai Taiken Ryoko Suishin Kyogikai

(Kasama Interactive Experience Tour Promotion Association)
Secretariat: Kasama-no Miryoku Hasshintai
(Kasama Attraction Promotion Team)
Kasama Kanko Kyokai Bldg., 1538-2 Kasama, Kasama City, Ibaraki 309-1611